DARE TO LEAD Mastermind in a V.U.C.A world.

Supercharge your leadership style & adapt to new challenges and constant change with confidence, clarity and executive presence in 2024.

This immersive 12-week online Mastermind will connect you with CEOs, leaders & entrepreneurs from all industries & provide you with a strong foundation in the 26 distinct competencies of social & emotional intelligence, the latest developments in applied neuroscience & conflict resolution management. You'll also identify your "personal blind spots" & subconscious sabotage programs & develop new strategies and behaviours that strengthen your leadership skills & executive presence.


Would you like to develop your social and emotional intelligence competencies and adopt a more human-centered leadership style?

I know that leading a productive and cohesive team can feel challenging or even overwhelming at times, especially when you are dealing with different personalities, multicultural staff, and a semi-absent workforce.

Do you aspire to foster better team communication, cohesion and create a mentally and emotionally resilient culture?

Over the last three years many companies have reported an increase in mental health issues and burn out in their workforce and consequently lost highly experienced staff and knowledge.

Do you want to navigate change and uncertainty with mental agility, confident decision-making skills, and creativity?

Leaders today navigate many unprecedented challenges without a roadmap. Creative problem solving and “thinking outside the box” are now essential leadership skills that make the difference between stagnation or innovation.

“Intelligence isn’t knowing everything. It’s the ability
to challenge everything you know.”

J. Freedman

If you are ready to develop your cognitive and emotional intelligence and become a more resonant leader, it’s essential for you to join our


24th September – 17th December 2024

This dynamic Mastermind group coaching program will accelerate your personal and professional development process in the areas of social & emotional intelligence competencies, conflict resolution & advanced decision-making processes. This immersive & interactive Mastermind will also strengthen your intuition, creativity & ability to "think outside the box" taking your leadership and people management skills from ordinary to extraordinary!

During this 3-months Mastermind Group Coaching you will…

  • Become 100% congruent and aligned with your purpose and vision
  • Develop your emotional self-awareness and how you manage your emotions in different situations
  • Learn strategic problem-solving skills that boost your creativity
  • Cognitive restructuring techniques to reduce stress
  • Develop powerful communication tools for fast conflict resolution
  • Recognize and diffuse the “emotional contagion” within a group
  • Step into your personal power and executive presence
  • Improve your mental agility and embrace change
  • Uncover your subconscious blind spots that jeopardize your success
  • AND dynamic live coaching with Katha Jones

What are you waiting for?

Join this global Mastermind Group Coaching: connect and collaborate with like-minded leaders, entrepreneurs and visionaries who dare to lead with emotional intelligence, creativity, innovation and empathy.


Here’s what you you’ll receive when you register:

12 hours of weekly live coaching calls on Tuesday at 11.00 AM (Australian Eastern Standard Time):

45 minutes coaching & 15 minutes Q & A session

Individual support during LIVE COACHING calls

Access to the recordings of live coaching calls if you can’t attend (due to different time zone)

Practical development tips for the four main categories of social and emotional intelligence

  1. Self-awareness (emotional self- awareness, accurate self-assessment)
  2. Self-management (behavioural self-control, integrity, innovation and creativity, achievement drive, realistic optimism, resilience, stress management, personal agility, and intentionality)
  3. Social awareness (empathy, organizational awareness, service ethics)
  4. Relationship management (communication, interpersonal effectiveness, powerful influencing skills, conflict management, inspirational leadership, catalysing change, building bonds and trust, teamwork, and collaboration)

Cognitive behavioural and positive psychology exercises

Gorgeous printable workbook to help you monitor your progress of mental, emotional and behavioural change

Encouragement and masterminding with an incredible group of other like-minded leaders

Accountability partner

Access to my private Facebook group “Dare To Lead With Emotional Intelligence Mastermind Group” for additional support and collaboration. This is a creative, collaborative and supportive space for all members of this Mastermind group. You can share insights, personal win-win experiences and breakthrough moments as well as challenges, difficulties, or setbacks you might be dealing with.

To maximize your learning experience from this group coaching, I encourage all members to check in with our group at least once a week and reach out if you have any specific questions.

The synergy of a motivated group provides additional support that will accelerate your process of change. It will assist you with the implementation of new leadership mindsets and behaviours.

Each member is encouraged to contribute to the conversation and share positive insights and suggestions.

12 weeks of email support on Tuesdays from (12 noon – 5 pm)

6 weeks of additional email support after the Mastermind group has ended

Experienced, multi-lingual Coach who has facilitated many multi-cultural group coaching events

Clients' personal experiences


At the end of this immersive 3-month Mastermind Group Coaching you’ll emerge as an inspirational and resonant leader who has the X-factor skill set to create positive change in the world¬

One-time payment of

US $ 997

(Save US $ 104 )
(limited spaces)
3 x monthly payments of

US $ 367

(due 12th September- 12th October-12th November 2024)

Frequently Asked Question

One-time payment of

US $ 997

(Save US $ 100 )
(limited spaces)
3 x monthly payments of

US $ 367

(due 12th September, 12th October & 12th November 2024)

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