The Quiet Voice Of Intuition

effective leadership with emotional intelligence inner guidance system intuition perception without time reconnecting with your essence your gyroscope Oct 27, 2021
intuition, inner guidance system, reconnecting with your essence

Carolyn Myss, one of the great modern mystics of our time describes intuition as "perception without time", your capacity to sense, receive and respond to truth at the speed of light" or your capacity to receive information that is accurate, that is truth."

What would it be like to tap into your intuitive self, trust your inner knowing and make important decisions in an instant from a place of choice and personal power instead of fear, worry and anxiety?

We live in a busy, fast paced world and our minds are constantly processing an enormous amount of information, digital data and sensory input. Each day we are making innumerable important and mundane decisions - consciously and unconsciously. Many times our racing mind and our egos override any intuitive feeling, spark of inspiration or creative idea by using negative self-talk disguised as an intellectual thought to alter an distort what our intuitive awareness is trying to communicate in subtle ways.

Developing intuition can seem like a constant struggle between our thoughts (intellect) and our inner sensing and deepest emotions. The ego is fighting to be heard out of fear of losing control from the world we call our "reality" and it stops us from living in the natural rhythm and creative flow of our lives.

Developing your intuition requires you to trust your inner guidance system - your inner gyroscope that will safely navigate you through the storm of a difficult situation, crisis or new stage in your life. Learning to trust your inner voice and visceral knowing, you may feel pushed out of your normal comfort zone as you dare to challenge your limiting beliefs, old conditioning and subconscious sabotage programs that keep you disconnected form your heart energy. The mind of logic and reason wants to maintain the current "status quo" and keep you in the familiar state of "managed dissatisfaction" which is your safety zone.

So how can we tap into our intuition more often and receive our heart's messages more clearly?

1. Spend time in nature for at least 45 minutes each day

2. Set aside quiet time for daily self-reflection and inspiration

3. Meditate 10-20 minutes each morning to connect with your essence

4. Practice mindfulness: consciously slow down and become more present in  everything you do: "Smell the Roses"

5. Connect with your creativity through creative self-expression: dance, paint, sing, play an instrument, spend time in your garden, visit an art gallery......



Emotional Intelligence Manifesto

This Manifesto will help you achieve the three main benefits of EI:

  1. EI increases your ability to focus and productivity and access your creative genius zone.  You get more things done with laser-focused clarity and less effort.
  2. EI improves your communication and negotiations skills resulting in greater workplace satisfaction and reduced staff turnover.
  3. EI increases your ability to identify and manage emotions in yourself and others resulting in reduced occupational stress and increased productivity and engagement.