Release Your Baggage And Set Yourself Free

release old sabotage programs rewrite your story stop surviving and start thriving unleash your potential Oct 26, 2021

Why do some people seem calm and centered in the most challenging situations, handle conflict with a diplomatic attitude ad are able to respond and communicate clearly even when the pressure is on? They are not relying on antidepressants nor did they take too much Valerian herb - they just seem to cope so much better than you.

Do you have a much shorter fuse when feeling challenged, pushed out of your comfort zone or dealing with a new situation? Or do you have a tendency to "fly off the handle" easily when you're feeling critised and misunderstood? Are you in a state of perpetual agitation, hostility or low mood while your body is churning out nasty stress hormones?

As you ruminate over the conflict or disagreement for days unable to just "snap out of it", are you in a reactive or responsive mode? When we don't feel in control of our thoughts and behaviour, we are most likely using an old painful experience from the past and are projecting these unresolved emotions onto the other person we're having an issue with. Does this sound familiar?

We all have experienced the emotional outfall of subconscious sabotage programs that keep us trapped in our old stories from the past and prevent us from creating a positive and exciting future. There are more than 2000 sabotage programs that have the potential to jeopardize our authentic self-expression, exciting opportunities and happiness in many ways. A sabotage program is a stored subconscious fight and flight reaction to an emotionally charged experience from the past when we either felt afraid or angry, but didn't have the emotional reasoning or processing capacity to deal with this situation appropriately on a conscious level.

Let's assume that your father divorced your mother and abandoned you when you were too young to understand the reason for their separation . Your reality is forever changed and you are growing up believing that this was your fault: " I am unlovable", "I am unloved", "I am ashamed"or "I don't deserve to be loved" are common sabotage programs that can keep us from experiencing meaningful and emotionally satisfying relationships. It's like having a virus on the hard drive of your PC distorting or even destroying documents without your conscious awareness. 

If we want to move  on and grow, we have to develop a conscious awareness and acknowledge the existence of "our baggage". We can learn to write a new ending to those old stories. Once we are conscious of our self-defeating feelings and behaviour, we can take the first step top overcome this learned helplessness and step into conscious choice to rewrite the program on our terms. This can be a confronting, yet very liberating process of shedding layers of old hurts and long forgotten wounds that will set you free to create the life you truly desire and express your authentic self.


Emotional Intelligence Manifesto

This Manifesto will help you achieve the three main benefits of EI:

  1. EI increases your ability to focus and productivity and access your creative genius zone.  You get more things done with laser-focused clarity and less effort.
  2. EI improves your communication and negotiations skills resulting in greater workplace satisfaction and reduced staff turnover.
  3. EI increases your ability to identify and manage emotions in yourself and others resulting in reduced occupational stress and increased productivity and engagement.