Emotional Self-Awareness: an important leadership skill that affects every interaction with others

effective leadership with emotional intelligence Nov 03, 2022

Self-awareness is having a clear understanding of your strengths, limitations, emotions, beliefs, and motivations. It sounds simple enough, yet a survey by organizational consulting firm Korn Ferry found that 79 percent of executives had at least one blind spot - or a skill they ranked their strongest that others reported as a weakness.

Leaders who are adept at recognizing and managing their emotions are better equipped to perceive others' feelings and know how to motivate employees. Those who don't could see a slip in performance. Research in the Havard Business Review found that teams with individuals who lack self-awareness make worse decisions and are less effective at conflict management.

3 ways you can develop Emotional Intelligence Skills:

1. Try writing your "Morning Pages" (aka journaling) for 10-15 minutes at least 4 times a week. Write down your thoughts, feelings, worries and concerns , uncensored, and don't hold back. Write until you can't think of anything else to report. This powerful process calms the limbic system (emotional center of the brain) and "defragment" your hard drive, the central nervous system. Your mental and emotional energy will improve enormously and you'll be connected to your authentic feeling state.

2. Undergo  a 360-Degree Social and Emotional Intelligence Assessment (SEIP 360)

In a 360-degree profiling assessment, you solicit feedback from your manager, colleagues,and peers, while also undergoing an individual self assessment across 26 distinct leadership competencies. Through the process, you gain valuable insights into what your co-workers perceive as your strengths and weaknesses and uncover any blind spot you might have.

3. Take an Online Course: The Dare To Lead With Emotional Intelligence And Heart Academy is an 8 module online training that takes your leadership and emotional intelligence skills to a new level of excellence. You'll also have the opportunity to connect with a global community of like-minded peers whilst gaining news skills and knowledge.Stay tuned: Enrollments open December 2022.


Emotional Intelligence Manifesto

This Manifesto will help you achieve the three main benefits of EI:

  1. EI increases your ability to focus and productivity and access your creative genius zone.  You get more things done with laser-focused clarity and less effort.
  2. EI improves your communication and negotiations skills resulting in greater workplace satisfaction and reduced staff turnover.
  3. EI increases your ability to identify and manage emotions in yourself and others resulting in reduced occupational stress and increased productivity and engagement.