Emotional Intelligence Coach Transformational Change Expert High-Performance Strategist

Develop your emotional and cognitive intelligence quotient, authentic leadership style and reconnect with your personal power.


Emotional Intelligence Coach Transformational Change Expert High-Performance Strategist

Develop your emotional and cognitive intelligence quotient, authentic leadership style and reconnect with your personal power.


Hi there, I'm Katha.

Over the last 20 years I have successfully coached CEOs, business owners, coaches, consultants and individuals from around the world empowering them in their unique process of transformation and personal and professional development

I work with influential leaders who understand the importance of building an “emotionally intelligent workforce” that empowers individuals, teams and organisations to express their true potential and creativity. People with a higher EI quotient manage more productive teams and experience more success and life satisfaction in their personal and professional relationships.


The Facts

Here are a few facts why emotional intelligence matters and how it can improve your communication and leadership style, build trust and a more productive and engaged workforce.


of wasted time in any organisation is due to a lack of trust caused by ineffective communication culture

6 out of 10

people in the workplace say they would rather have a better manager than receive a pay rise

8 out of 10

people in the workplace are not fully engaged or are actively disengaged looking for other opportunities


of the reasons why we lose talent and customers are directly related to a lack of social and emotional intelligence

Who I Work With:

  • CEOs, business owners and  managers who need to improve their people management and “soft skills” and 
  • Want to boost your team’s mental and emotional resilience and creative thinking during times of massive change and uncertainty.
  • Show up as an empathetic and compassionate leader who has the ability to sense and adapt to the “pulse of a group” intuitively and manage different personalities with respect, flexibility and diplomacy.
  • Need to communicate your vision or message with more confidence, charisma and emotional transparency.
  • Develop essential “soft skills” that promote an environment of trust, team spirit and mutual support of a highly engaged workforce.
  • Need quick and effective stress management techniques and brain integration techniques that reduce overwhelm, boost optimum problem-solving and decision-making abilities.
  • Need to improve the organizational culture

Dare to Lead with Emotional Intelligence & Heart Mastermind Group Coaching:

14 Feb - 14 May 2023

This program gives you a strong foundation across 26 essential competencies that help you master your executive leadership and communication style, improve your professional empathy and build a more engaged, creative and resilient workforce.
This three months online group coaching program is based in the latest developments in applied neuroscience, high performance leadership coaching, positive psychology, social and emotional intelligence and business management.


What people have to say about working with Katha...

As with the concept of the traditional IQ, individuals are born with differing levels of emotional intelligence quotient (EIQ) but whereas it is considered virtually impossible to improve your IQ, it is a relatively easy process to significantly improve your EIQ. 

Emotional intelligence is broadly defined as the ability to recognise, understand, evaluate, demonstrate and control emotions in order to facilitate effective and constructive communications with others. On a personal level, enhanced emotional intelligence is an attribute that can enrich your life, raising your confidence and self-awareness levels, but it is in the world of business and commerce in leadership roles, that an elevated EIQ can bring substantial and tangible benefits.

Katha Jones is an expert certified emotional intelligence coach who offers her services to those in roles where relationships to colleagues, clients and partners is crucial to the success of an enterprise. Ineffective communications and poor leadership are key factors behind failings in many businesses; time, effort and resources can be wasted with a disengaged and disaffected workforce when an improvement in leadership can rectify many of these problems.

Katha is more than an emotional intelligence business and leadership coach; she has a successful career as an entrepreneur behind her and so has a profound understanding of the qualities that go towards being a successful leader and team player, and she is ready to bring her expertise to you. Katha offers emotional intelligence online training in 2 principal formats. The Dare To Lead With Emotional Intelligence And Heart Mastermind Group Coaching runs over 12 weeks and the Dare To Lead With Emotional Intelligence And Heart Academy, an 8 week online course that takes your current leadership skills to a new level of expertise.

Mastermind Group Coaching covers the Four-Quadrant model of Social and Emotional Intelligence competencies and provides the basis for successful learning throughout the course. Weekly online sessions will cover the 26 competencies associated with emotional intelligence and also present the opportunity for interactions with similar like-minded individuals on the course, sharing experiences and opinions.

Katha’s Dare To Lead With Emotional Intelligence And Heart Academy is an online leadership training for executives, delivered over 8 weeks. This dynamic course utilises Katha’s own unique coaching methodologies that are designed to help senior leaders take the step from good to excellence in leadership qualities. Participants will experience a transformation of both personal and professional development that will be manifested in an ability to create and lead more efficient and cohesive teams for the betterment of the whole organisation.

A recent study indicated that 75% of the recognised skills required to be a successful leader are based on EIQ rather than IQ, and with the help of an emotional intelligence certified coach you can readily improve your EIQ and associated skill sets. 

Don’t let a lack of emotional intelligence impede progress in your private or business life, become a part of the emotional intelligence leadership academy today. 

Email or book a call with Katha to find out exactly how she can help you.


Emotional Intelligence Manifesto

This Manifesto will help you achieve the three main benefits of EI:

  1. EI increases your ability to focus and access your creative genius zone. You get more things done with laser-focused clarity and less effort.
  2. EI improves your communication and negotiations skills resulting in greater workplace satisfaction and reduced staff turnover.
  3. EI increases your ability to identify and manage emotions in yourself and others resulting in reduced occupational stress and increased productivity and engagement.

The International Institute of Emotional Intelligence is a global coaching hub for leaders and executives who dare to lead with social and emotional intelligence, empathy and heart. Our 3-months online Mastermind Group Coaching Program and Dare To Lead With Emotional Intelligence & Heart Academy will take your current leadership skills to the next level.

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